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Michael D Jimenez, CPA

Temple Terrace, Florida
CPA, Tax and Accounting Services Advisor

Michael has been working with businesses and individuals throughout the U.S. since 2016. He especially enjoys helping businesses and families get the tax benefits they deserve. He takes a holistic approach to helping businesses and their owners reap the best possible tax advantages. This approach considers the taxpayer’s entire tax scenario between the business-owner-family dynamic.

Michael served in the Army Reserve for 14 years and served in Operation Enduring Freedom. He has a 5-year accounting degree from the University of Puerto Rico and the University of South Florida. He is a licensed CPA in both Florida and Puerto Rico.

Michael worked for 6 years in accounting and tax firms. He also worked in management and officer-level positions in accounting for a military contractor, cancer hospital, and charter school management company. He also served as treasurer for local non-profit organizations in the Tampa Bay area.

Michael makes it his mission to ensure that businesses, individuals, and their families know all about the tax-saving opportunities available to them. As a business owner, he has lived the challenge of launching a business and understands the complex tax relationship between the business, its owners, and the family.

Recent years have been a whirlwind of tax law changes, from the pandemic to the rise of the gig economy and new IRS rules for cryptocurrency. Many families have struggled to keep up with the shifting regulations for the Child Tax Credit and education expense credits. Meanwhile, millions of displaced workers have suddenly found themselves trying to make sense of business tax matters like the home office deduction. Michael prides himself on staying available and accessible to everyone who needs tax guidance in these unprecedented times.

Michael lives in the City of Temple Terrace, in the Tampa Bay area with his family and cat, Lola. He loves living in a small city while having a nationwide reach.